Writings of St. Francis of Assisi

 Rules, Testament and Admonitions 

  1. Regula non bullata, or Earlier Rule (1221)
  2. Fragmenta alterius Regulae non bullatae, or Excerpts from another Earlier Rule
  3. Regula bullata, or Later Rule (1223)
  4. Regula pro eremitoriis data, or Rule for Hermitages
  5. Admonitions
  6. Testament (1226)
  7. Forma Vivendi S. Clarae data, or Form of Life given to Saint Clare
  8. Ultima Voluntas S. Clarae scripta, or Last Will written for Saint Clare



  1. Epistula ad fratrem Antonium, or Letter to Brother Anthony
  2. Epistula ad Clericos, or Letter to the Clergy
  3. Epistula ad Custodes I, or First Letter to the Custodians
  4. Epistula ad Custodes II, or Second Letter to the Custodians
  5. Epistula ad Fideles I, or First version of the Letter to the Faithful
  6. Epistula ad Fideles II, or Second version of the Letter to the Faithful
  7. Epistula ad fratrem Leonem, or Letter to Brother Leo
  8. Epistula toti Ordini missa, or Letter to the entire Order
  9. Epistula ad Ministrum, or Letter to a Minister
  10. Epistula ad populorum rectores, or Letter to the Rulers of the Peoples 



  1. Canticum Fratris Solis, or Canticle of Brother Sun
  2. Chartula fratris Leonis data, or Parchment given to Brother Leo
  3. Oratio ante crucifixum dicta, or Prayer before the Crucifix
  4. Exhortatio ad laudem Dei, or Exhortation to the Praise of God
  5. Laudes ad omnes horas dicendae, or Praises to be said at all the Hours
  6. Expositio in Pater Noster, or the Prayer inspired by the Our Father
  7. Officium Passionis Domini, or Office of the Passion
  8. Salutatio Beatae Mariae Virginis, or Salutation to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  9. Salutatio Virtutum, or Salutation of the Virtues 


Dictated Writings

  1. Blessing given to Brother Bernard
  2. Blessing sent to Saint Clare and her Sisters
  3. Letter written for the citizens of Bologna
  4. Letter written to Lady Jacopa
  5. Letter sent to the Brothers in France
  6. Testament written in Siena
  7. De vera et perfecta laetitia, or True and Perfect Joy 


Another writing of St. Francis was discovered in 1976 by Giovanni Boccali OFM in a manuscript of the 14th century in the Poor Clares monastery of Verona, Italy. Boccali published this canticle in the original Umbrian dialect, called "Audite poverelle". According to the Legend of Perugia, 45, Francis wrote this song and dedicated it to Clare and her sisters of San Damiano when he spent a period of time at this place in the autumn of 1225. It was during the same period that he composed the Canticle of Brother Sun.