Contemplation and Action

1.    Mk 1/35-39 presents a Jesus who prayed and who had exercised the ministries of preaching and healing. He is our model for contemplation and action. St.Francis who became prayer inspires us to be Praying persons and motivates us in our apostolic life.

2.    We gather for our morning prayers around 05.45.a.m. and pray the Prayer of the Church. Then, we have time to mediate for some 30 minutes.

3.    This is followed by the Community Mass at 06.30.a.m. Holy Mass occupies a central place in our lives. The attachment to the Eucharistic Lord helps us to find the meaning of our life and apostolate in the person of Jesus.

4.    Some of the friars engage themselves in a Midday Review and Short Prayer just before lunch.

5.    Again, we gather around 04.00.p.m. to recite the Office of Readings and the Evening Prayers. We have another period of 30 minutes to meditate.

6.    We have a short Night Prayer around 08.45.p.m. before we retire to bed at night.

7.    Once a month we conduct a day of Recollection and spend the time in silence and prolonged prayers.

8.    Once a year, we take part in the Annual Retreat conducted for the friars of our Province. It lasts for five days. The conversion of inner spirit and the determination to be a better friar help us go forward with renewed energy.

9.    Friars are exhorted to avail the opportunity to renew themselves by taking the Spiritual renewal days for 15 days in a year.

10.    Making Confessions periodically and doing penance often help us to be humble and simple.

11.    Reading Spiritual Books and Articles enable us to deepen our thinking and living.

12.    Regular contact with our Spiritual Directors helps us to be on the right track all the time.

13.    Prolonged personal prayers and community prayers help the friars to seek after the Spiritual Discernment in all their undertakings.

14.    Speaking of the Apostolic Life of the friars, one is reminded of the Jesus found in Lk 4/ 16-21. St.Francis wanted to spend himself taking care of the lepers, the socially rejected, abandoned and the poor. He was ready to spread the Gospel even to the non-Christians.

15.    We, the Tamil Capuchins work for the values of the Kingdom of God: Peace, Love, Harmony, Equality, Justice, Health, Education etc.

16.    Preaching Mission Retreats, Running Parishes, Giving counselling to the needy, Conducting Seminars for the Youth, Facilitating the parents, rectifying the broken families and their marriages, reaching out the People through Print Media , Alternate ways of Healing are some of the ways we reach out the people in apostolic labour.

17.    Social services like Running Schools, Tuition Centres, Tailoring Centres, Computer Centres, Free Legal Aid, Help to the Refugee Camps are some of the ways we help the people to have social development.

18.    Elderly friars do the ministry of Being in the Community and Praying for God’s People. Young friars spend themselves in apostolic activities that are entrusted to them by Fr.Provincial and his team.

19.    We begin with Prayer and end in Action. We return back to Prayer from Action. The two dimensions of Mary and Martha are lived in a capuchin way.

20.    To capture the Spirituality of the Prayer Life, kindly, refer Capuchin       Constitutions on Prayer Life of the Friars:

21.    To capture the Spirituality of the Apostolic Life, kindly, refer Capuchin Constitutions on Apostolic Life of the Friars: