5. Vedivelli, Sundampatti (Dharmapuri Diocese) 1998

Founded in June, 1998. A Parish along with its shrine of St. Antony was given to us by the Bishop of Dharmapuri. On 25th February. 1999 the Vidivelli, Friary building and the presbytery were blessed. An animation Centre was built to cater to the spiritual needs of the clergy of the diocese, religious and laity. It has been made use of even by the neighbouring dioceses & Government.

7. Jeevanathi, Sendamangalm (Salem Diocese) - 2001

Founded in October 2001. Sendamangalam was a substation of Kosavampatti parish established in 1934. A friary with capuchin presence was long awaited in this diocese. The process was initiated in 1998 when Rt. Rev. Micheal Duraisamy, the former Bishop, invited us. Sendamangalam is a mission with three substations and 70 catholic families. The church is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. It has become a place of worship not only to christians but also to our Hindu brothers & Sisters.

6. Infant Jesus Friary, Vallam, Chenglepet (Chengelpet Diocese) - 2000

Founded in June 2000. Vallam was a substation of Chengelpet town parish. It was separated and given to us. There are 350 catholic families with 8 substations. The population is around 1400. It is an extension area. We run a children’s Home. We opened the Infant Jesus Friary in April 2002. We have ample scope for spiritual ministry besides parish administration.

8. CLARES, Trichy (Trichy Diocese) - 2001

The word CLARES stands for Capuchin Legal Awareness Research and Educational Services. It is at the service of God and humanity, expressing in its motto “An answer to the God seeking Society”. It is a non-profitable organisation rooted on the values of equality, justice, peace and universal brotherhood. It aims at creating a just society by fostering legal awareness and offering free legal aid to the marginalized and less-privileged.