4. Pio Illam, Arcot (Vellore Diocese) - 1998

Founded in April 1998. The Church in Arcot is situated on the Arni main road in 30 cents of land. Another 4 acres and 60 cents of paddy field at the outskirts belonging to the Church were also given to us by the Bishop of Vellore. On the 14th of April, 1998 the parish at Arcot was officially inaugurated. We bought some 9 acres of land in Uppupettai 3 km away from the town for the friary. The friary was blessed on 9th May, 2000. In addition to the pastoral ministry we serve the people through an English Medium School, a driving school a computer centre. Tailoring, Tuition Centres & Matha Malai 2011.