Name of the Province: Amala Annai Cauchin Province
Date of Birth : 25, April 2012
Area of the Province : North Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry covering the Dioceses of Madras-Mylapore, Chengelput, , Dharmapuri, Vellore, Salem, Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Tiruchirapally and Thanjavur (9 Dioceses)
Houses in India : 13 (Gnanalaya, Trichy; Amalashram, Srirangam; CLARES, Trichy; Francesco, Samayapuram; St.Francis Ashram, Thiyagadurgam; Infant Jesus Friary, Chengelput; Jeevanathi, Namakkal; Karunaikadal, Ramashwaram; St. Mathias’ Friary, Chennai; Capuchin Padony Illam, Trichy, Pio Illam, Arcot; Sangamam, Perugamani; Vidivelli, Krishnagiri; Alverna, Yercaud; Sivapuram, Kumbakonam; Ettukkalpatti, Trichy; Kanakammachatram; Thalir, Vilupuram)
Mission Land: Burkina Faso
Provincialate : Gnanalaya, 26, Birds Road, Trichy 620 001, TN, India.
Mother House : Amalashram, Srirangam, Trichy
Recently Occupied House : Capuchin Padony Illam, Thillainagar, Trichy

Residence of our Formees:
Deacons- St. Mathias Friary, Chennai; Vidivelli, Sundampatti, Amalasharm, Trichy; Francis Ashram, Thiyadurgam.
Theologians – Francesco, Venkankudi North, Samayapuram, Trichy;
Regents – (4) Gnanalaya, Karuinakadal, Amalashram, Burkina Faso
Philosophers – (The Friary (17), Kotagiri, Nilgiris District and Burkina Faso(1)
Novices –Khunti, Ranchi, North India
Postulants –Jivan Deep, Jharkant, North India
Aspirants – Amalashram, Srirangam, Trichy

Parishes: (6) Amala Annai Church, Amalashram, Trichy; Mission Church, Thiyagadurgam; Infant Jesus Church, Vallam, Chengelput; Our Lady of Good Health Church, Sendamangalam, Namakkal; St. Mathias’ Church, Ashok Nagar, Chennai; St. Antony of Padua Church, Arcot, Vellore. Jegan Madha Church, Kanakammachatram; St. Sebastine's Church, Sivapuram, Kumbakonam; St. Joseph's Church, Ettukkalpatti, Trichy.
School : (1) Pio Matriculation School, Arcot, Vellore.
College: (1) Udhayam Polytechnic College, Thenkuda, Rameshwaram
Orphanages: (1) Theresia Karunalaya Children Home, Kattur, Trichy.

Number of Friars in the Province: Total 125
Priests: 71 ( In the Province in India – 48, Outside the Province +Abroad – 23)
Non-Clerics : 6 (4- in India, 2 – Abroad)
Final Professed : Total 93 (Friars- 77; Theologians -16)
Simple Professed: Total 25 (Theologians-7; Regents-4; Philosophers-14 [13-in India; 1-Burkina Faso]
Novices : 7 (4- in Pampanvillai, Nagercoil, India; 3-in Burkina Faso)
Postulants: 9 (7- in Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore, India; 2- in Burkina Faso)
Aspirants: 8 (All in India)

Office Bearers: Provincial – Br. John Antony, Councillors- Br. Irudayasamy, Br. Anthony Dhass, Br. John Peter , Br. Amaladass.

Province Vision: As lesser brothers – in fraternity, solidarity with the poor and for integrity of creation.
Province Mission: Passionate Contemplation; Fraternity and Minority; for Just and Peaceful society; Integral liberation of all; Harmony with Mother Nature.
Ministries: Mission Preaching, Conducting Retreats, Confessions, Pastoral Work at Parishes, SFO Animation, Counselling, Education, Teaching, Seminars for Children, Youth, Married and Elderly, Social Work, Media-Magazines, Missionary work, Healing Ministry – Naturopathy and other Alternative medicine. SMA Seraphic Mass Association.

Contact Address
The Provincial Minister
26, Birds Road
Trichy 620 001
Tamil Nadu
Phone: + 914312411463
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.